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All About Digital boosts your online presence using Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, such as Google Adwords and Bing Adwords. We create a plan tailored to your needs and put it into action, officially launching your campaign.

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      Affordable & Effective PPC Company in kolkata

      Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a proven, cost-effective method for reaching your target audience online. All About Digital specializes in Google PPC advertising to boost your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. We excel in precision targeting, ensuring the success of your advertising efforts. Our expert team conducts a thorough market analysis to determine the most effective ad placements based on factors like language, location, and internet usage habits. This targeted approach ensures that your ads reach the right audience, maximizing their impact.

      We take care of tracking and improving your campaign’s performance, which includes optimizing keywords, refining your ad message, and managing your budget for each click. In short, we offer PPC services in Kolkata, specializing in ad management.  We also provide easy-to-use tools to track the return on investment (ROI) of your PPC campaigns. You can monitor your customers’ journey from the moment they click on your ad to the final sale, ensuring transparency and effectiveness. At All About Digital, we continuously monitor ad distribution to ensure they reach the right audience and deliver positive results. For top-notch PPC services in Kolkata, including PPC management and Google Ads service. 

      What is PPC or Google Adwords Services ?

      The Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords marketing model involves advertising on the web in which a sum of money is paid by the advertiser every time their digital ads are clicked. It refers to the purchase of website visits rather than earning them organically.

      Paid search ads have become increasingly common in digital marketing. The system enables us to place ads when customers search for a specific product or enter a particular keyword in the search engine results. In addition to being displayed at the top of the search engine results pages, they appear in the same way as usual search results. The search engine charges us a small fee each time one of our ads is clicked, redirecting the customer to our website. An effective PPC campaign will result in a modest fee.

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      Explore All About Digital's PPC Management Services in Kolkata

      All About Digital is your go-to destination for a comprehensive range of PPC services in Kolkata, India. As a PPC marketing agency in Kolkata our extensive offerings cover everything you need to excel in the world of Pay-Per-Click advertising- copy creation, budget management, campaign management, conversion tracking setup and optimization, monthly campaign performance reporting, etc.

      Our PPC Ads Campaign Management Process

      No. 1 PPC Company in Kolkata

      As part of our campaign setup process, we analyze policy, identify key influencers, and develop a campaign strategy based on the campaign's goals.

      To avoid risks, we implement A/B testing strategies that enable you to optimize the allocation of business resources.

      To help new users take advantage of Google Adwords without having to make significant investments, we offer vouchers or credits.

      We utilize Facebook's most powerful targeting technology, Facebook Pixel, to attract relevant audiences.

      Through our click and fraud monitoring services, we are able to detect fraud as soon as it occurs, recover lost advertising dollars from PPC ads, and block and detect fraudulent clicks as they happen.

      Optimizing your website's keyword placement and developing your site's content directly affects its search engine visibility.

      Among our copywriting services for advertising campaigns, we compose intelligent, slick, and professional advertisements that convert viewers into readers and customers.

      Business owners are able to identify which ads perform best with the help of ad copy testing, which will facilitate the decision-making process.

      Using PPC advertising, we will assist your business in reaching an international audience, increasing revenue opportunities, and creating new avenues for growth.

      Through remarketing advertising, your business can place advertisements in front of your target repeat audience to increase brand awareness and conversion rates.

      If you choose to use our rule-based bidding services, you can modify campaigns based on external events or triggers.

      Our services include helping you to establish Google Analytics goals so that you can track specific metrics.

      Using high-level research tools and data analytics, we begin at the granular level to conduct keyword research.

      For the purpose of creating meaningful reports, our experts study data from analytics such as bounce rates, user flow, pages per session, and CRM records.

      Increasing the effectiveness of an organization's website, converting traffic into sales, driving desired results, and generating revenue are all possible with website conversion analysis and implementation.

      With LinkedIn ads, you have the opportunity to create tailored advertisements that appeal to the specific audience you are targeting. Targeting specific segments of the LinkedIn audience is part of our LinkedIn ad campaigns.

      By identifying PPC metrics, monitoring those metrics regularly, and tweaking ads, our PPC account monitoring services assist businesses with getting closer to their objectives with AdWords.

      In our google adwords services program, we use an advanced feature that allows us to dynamically update the text of your ad to incorporate keywords relevant to the search terms of your target audience.

      In particular, we prepare landing pages for customers who use Google's search advertising. However, they can be customized to meet customers' needs who receive traffic through other forms of inbound marketing.

      The performance analytics component of our data collection is essential to providing insights into our business operations. We provide running reports that enable us to monitor and analyze daily trends.

      Our competitor analysis services allow you to gather, analyze, and consider the information your competitors provide about their products, services, strengths, and weaknesses to evaluate your position and develop strategies for your business.

      YouTube is a popular destination for viewers to watch the content they are interested in. The YouTube ads we create take advantage of this by gaining an in-depth understanding of the most valuable customers, their needs, interests, and purchasing intentions.

      As part of our campaign setup process, we analyze policy, identify key influencers, and develop a campaign strategy based on the campaign's goals.

      PPC campaigns are becoming increasingly complex, and our strategic bid management techniques are a great way to manage them. By partnering with our dedicated team, you can rest assured that your campaign strategies are optimized and generating the most effective traffic for conversions.

      Optimizing your Google Adwords account aims to ensure that your ads are relevant, visible to your intended audience, keyword matching, logically and semantically structured, and are of the highest quality possible.

      Clients Testimonials

      I always had an assumption that only big cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai can have talented web design agencies. But my assumption was proved wrong by this talented and creative Web design team in All About Digital. I liked the following in them. On-time Delivery (they gave it 2 days before the deadline) predicted the Budget right and finished it Within the projected budget Professional and User-friendly Website. I am extremely satisfied with the web design services of Sourav & his team. I highly recommend them. Pricing is slightly higher, but you get what you pay for.

      Arpita Das Business Woman

      Had a great experience with the Team at AAD. Really responsive and professional. They are more than happy to assist always. They offer great guidance and run super smooth campaigns. The best part is how they help you grow and understand your business unlike other agencies who are just interested in numbers. Great Value addition.

      Sourin Roy Businessman

      I am super amazed and impressed with the quality of the final work All About Digital has provided. The team is very professional, they accomplished my company’s SEO goal within a few months, transparency was maintained during the whole course of the project, and the team was always willing to put the best creative ideas on the desk. I can't imagine hiring any other team for SEO services. Thanks a lot to Sourav and AAD!!

      Subhankar Ghosh Businessman

      Brilliant service by Mr. Sourav and his team. Very cooperative and proactive. With my marketing and SEO in their hands, I didn't have to worry at all. Within 3 months, my page was listed on first page at the top. I would highly recommend AAD for any company or professional who want to create their identity online.

      Subham Guha Businessman

      Definitely the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hooghly & also all over West Bengal I have experienced. Sourav is pro in SEO. Even though SEO is a long process, his tips and consultation shown me results in just two months, the ranking has gone up organically. Happy to be associated with All About Digital.

      Mounadeep Dutta Businessman

      The best thing about Sourav is that he doesn't say NO even if the client's requirement is out of the scope of his services. We had approached him with requirements that were very specific in nature and beyond the ambit of the digital space. Still he never disappointed us and instead took the initiative to coordinate with people who could serve our requirements. And he did all of this without any monetary gain. We wish all the best to him and his endeavours.

      Snigdhadev Bose Medical Startup Owner

      After some disappointing experiences with other SEO companies we were extremely lucky to find All About Digital – Sourav pal transformed my blog site online visibility & ranking growth quicker than i expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment.

      Julfikar ali Entrepreneur

      The team at All About Digital were extremely helpful with very fast response rates. They get things done really efficiently. With the setup and migration of our Digital Sales Platforms during the Circuit Breaker, AAD assisted in many ways from webpage redirections to troubleshooting our new store page which has helped to regain some revenue during the Circuit Breaker period when our stores were closed.

      Suprio patra Entrepreneur

      FAQs — PPC Campaign Management Services in Kolkata

      In PPC, advertisers bid on specific keywords related to their business. When users search for those keywords on search engines, the ads are displayed. Advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad.

      Major platforms offering PPC advertising include Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and various social media platforms. Each has its own ad network and targeting options.

      PPC provides immediate visibility and can be highly targeted. It allows for precise budget control and provides data for measuring ROI. Additionally, it’s easily adjustable and can complement SEO efforts.

      Keyword selection is crucial in PPC. Start with thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms your target audience is likely to search for. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help.

      PPC and SEO are both strategies for driving traffic, but they operate differently. PPC is paid advertising, while SEO focuses on optimizing your website to rank organically in search results. PPC offers immediate results, while SEO is a long-term strategy.

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